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Creating World Class Logistics

Become expert at Warehousing and Logistics

Become expert at Warehousing and Logistics

If your business includes warehousing and managing inwards and outwards goods, then you are already aware of the challenges associated with balancing holding enough stock to be confident of delivering in full and on time against minimising your total inventory and maximising stock turns. You also know that your logistics operation is a significant business cost, so optimising the productivity of your warehouse team and getting every shipment right first time are key factors in the success of your business.

Our team of consultants includes experienced logistics professionals who have managed warehousing operations and have learnt how lean-six sigma methods can contribute significantly to productivity.

These methods and their benefits include;

  • Establishing 5S and Visual Management Systems to improve safety, productivity and communication,
  • Establishing KPIs so that your warehouse teams knows how they are performing,
  • Knowing when to use a Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or a kanban system,
  • Analysing your stock turns to categorise stock classes and predict ideal minimum and economic re-order quantities,
  • Planning pick runs,
  • Improving the layout of unloading, storage, staging, packing and loading areas to minimise motion and transport waste.

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