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10 years of lean six sigma service

Celebrating Ten Years of Improving Productivity in Australian Businesses

Welcome to Kallista Consulting, one of Australia’s leading productivity consultancies. Since 2006 we have been helping service providers, government agencies and manufacturers alike to improve their performance by providing training and mentoring in the practical application of lean-six sigma principles. Now in our 10th year, we are continuing to build our reputation for providing clients with a great return on their investment and we are very proud of the improvement results we have achieved for our clients.

If you want to improve your delivery and quality, increase your responsiveness and flexibility or reduce costs, our team is ready to help. Simply call us on 1800 088 494, or email to arrange for a free, no obligation site visit by one of our Lean-Six Sigma productivity experts and receive a full report on the improvement opportunity in your business. We can also advise you on potential government grants that may support improvement activities within your business (conditions apply)

Boost your Profits Now!

Our business transformation programs are tailored to the specific needs of your business to ensure that you get a fast return on investment. By increasing throughput, reducing defective work and focusing effort where it is most needed, we can help you to improve productivity in ways that show where it counts – on your balance sheet!

Our projects include award winning examples of major process transformation for organisations of all types and sizes, delivered by expert consultants with extensive backgrounds in the practical application of process improvement tools.

There is no doubt that Lean organisations have a massive competitive edge, so why not get the edge!

Some of our past clients