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Financial Services

Boost Performance through Effective Process

FProcesses within financial business often exhibit high waste and long delays.

Processes within financial business often exhibit high waste and long delays.

Lean-Six Sigma tools have been benefiting financial services for many years and it is widely accepted that good process equals competitiveness and profits in this process driven sector. Gaining insights into how work and information flow across a business by creating Value Stream Maps, identifying improvement opportunities and embedding standard work practices are some of the key areas that create reliable outcomes.

Kallista Consulting can provide training workshops for your teams so that they understand what makes robust process in the financial services sector, how to map processes and identify improvement opportunities and how to standardise and embed ‘the best way’ of conducting core work activities.

Improvements we can provide include improving communication and visualising KPIs, creating Value Stream Maps of your core processes and identifying potential improvements, simplifying and standardising complex processes, reducing process lead time, eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic process steps, aligning processes to governance, standardising work to improve quality and throughput and improving culture and morale by engaging and empowering employees.

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