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About Us

Our Mission as a Business Transformation Specialist;

“to be recognised as a leading provider of business transformation solutions that consistently demonstrate a substantial return on investment”

Kallista Consulting is a privately owned consulting practice established in 2006. We help organisations of all types to;

  • Learn and implement Lean-Six Sigma Techniques
  • Deliver their products and services In Full & On Time!
  • Continually improve the Quality of their products and services
  • Reduce operating Costs
  • Improve workplace culture and morale

There are many great reasons to choose us as your productivity partner – here are just a few;

  • 10 years of experience across many sectors
  • A proven track record of results
  • We are expert in engaging with people and developing skills, strong leadership and accountability
  • Our services are tailored to your situation
  • We can provide the complete solution