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Is Six Sigma Training Right for Your Canberra Business?

At Kallista Consulting, we find that one of the very first things our clients want to know is what they will get out of our Six Sigma training programs in Canberra and throughout Australia. From manufacturing companies to federal government agencies, the top question on everyone’s list when it comes to Six Sigma is ‘what’s in it for me?’

What Does Six Sigma Mean?

To understand the overall value of Six Sigma training in Canberra, we first need to comprehend fully what this concept means. Six Sigma, despite its rather enigmatic name, is a concept that uses data-driven analytics to determine how the various processes of a business, organisation or operation are performing. The idea of Six Sigma is to eliminate defects and waste from all processes, in pursuit of efficiency and near-perfection.

The Six Sigma methodology is perhaps best understood in terms of a manufacturing process—though, once again, manufacturing is not the only industry that can enjoy the benefits of Six Sigma training. In a manufacturing assembly line, each step or process completes a different part of the product. Each of these steps is vital to the quality and functionality of the product, and as such, each has the risk of malfunctioning and introducing a defect into the product. These defects often make the goods in question unusable or unsellable, resulting in wasted resources, lost productivity and missed deadlines.

The Six Sigma system measures each step or process in the assembly pipeline to determine where mistakes are happening and how often. The manufacturer can then take this detailed data analysis and use it to diagnose the problem and determine a way to fix it. The ultimate goal of Six Sigma is for each process to produce no more than 3.4 defects out of each one million opportunities.

Why Six Sigma Training is a Worthwhile Investment for Your Canberra Business

Now that we have a firmer understanding of exactly what it is that the Six Sigma methodology means, it’s easy to see the benefits that Six Sigma training could bring for your Canberra business. Any company involved in manufacturing or producing products or parts of any time can use Six Sigma metrics to identify errors and eradicate them—almost entirely. Ridding your processes of mistakes, in turn, leads to higher-quality products, boosted customer satisfaction numbers, improved brand reputation and higher revenues. You also cut the costs of wasted resources or the even larger PR-related costs of having to conduct a recall of defective merchandise.

While manufacturers and warehousing operations are perhaps the target audiences for Six Sigma training in Canberra, the methodology can also be applied to virtually any business. Whether you wish to improve your customer service processes or your project approval processes, Six Sigma analysis and metrics can help you to identify areas of inefficiency, communication breakdown and other similar problems.

At Kallista Consulting, we believe that the Six Sigma philosophy can help any business become stronger. Call us today to schedule Six Sigma training for your business in Canberra. You can reach us via free call on 1800 088 494.