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Sectors & Case Studies

Lean-Six Sigma applies to all sectors

Lean is about process and therefore can be applied to any business or activity. For 10 years, Kallista Consulting has applied lean-six sigma methodologies with great success in many different types of organisations, including within manufacturing, government, NGOs and service providers. We have listed just some of the sectors in which we have worked to highlight some of the typical benefits you can expect from a lean improvement program.

Lean in the Manufacturing Sector


Lean-six sigma in Logistics and Warehousing


Lean six-sigma in the Defence Industry


Lean-Six Sigma in Federal, State and Local Government


Applications of Lean-Six Sigma in the Financial Services Sector

Financial Services

Lean in the Agricultural Sector


Agile Programming and software development

IT & Software

Lean-Six Sigma in Power Generation and Distribution

Power Generation & Distribution