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Outstanding Customer Service

customer service teams need to understand what drives customer loyalty

Confident and capable customer service teams are built on understanding customer needs and the interactions you business has with its customers

Providing outstanding customer service is now a basic expectation of customers, yet so many businesses fail to take the simple step of developing their team’s service skills. For those that do, taking this step is a key differentiator in the race to win and retain customer loyalty.

With many years of practical experience in customer service, we know the ‘moments of truth’ that affect customer perceptions and the skills that are required to deliver a level of customer service that secures repeat business. This program is designed to impart a lasting impression and provide practical skills that will improve the performance of your customer service team.

Participants on this workshop will have an improved ability to listen and communicate effectively with customers, even in difficult situations, anticipate customer requirements at various touch points (‘moments of truth’), ensure systems and processes are in place to maximise customer satisfaction and to seek solutions that provide the best outcomes for the customer and the organisation. Download our detailed customer service workshop brochure for more our customer service brochure

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