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Overhaul Your Process with Lean and Six Sigma Training in Melbourne

In the world of business, growth is paramount to success in both the short and long term. Stagnation is the opposite of what you want to see occurring as a company leader or manager. After all, when your projects begin to slow down, not only does staff morale decline, but your business’s numbers are going to follow that same trajectory. When you know that your company needs help to function more efficiently, but not how to achieve those results, it’s time to consider bringing in consultants who can assist you to identify where the “leaks” in your business model are. For industry-leading lean and six sigma training for your company, call upon Kallista Consulting.

With a variety of programs tailored to fit different company profiles and a decade of operating with distinction in the consulting arena, Kallista Consultants understand lean and six sigma training on a fundamental level. We can assess your business and its practices and supply managerial training that will allow you to reshape the future of your business. With lean practices in place, efficiency will increase and you will squeeze more productive work out of each day. When you call us in to help, we follow the tried and trusted process for lean and six sigma training we use in Melbourne and across Australia.

Comprehensive, professional lean and six sigma training in Melbourne

An excellent place to start with lean training is with your managers. Before you consider overhauling everything about your business, see the kind of results you achieve after management teams are educated in better ways to lead. Our single day leadership workshop is perfectly suited to act as an introduction to lean and six sigma training for your Melbourne offices. During this intense session, we will cover how to retool the management process using lean techniques to shore up employee trust and commitment to leadership’s goals while fostering a workplace where everyone works together towards common objectives.

Our lean and six sigma training available in Melbourne and across Australia is founded on practical workshop methods. Staff will be involved in exercises designed to reinforce six sigma or lean concepts while educating them on their effectiveness. We often hear from clients how our workshop had an immediate positive effect on their workplace!

Call us today to learn more about our process

With our passion for using lean and six sigma training to help improve companies, we have helped many blue chip clients utilise our expertise to reduce waste and improve efficiency with existing resources. When you want to trim the proverbial fat from your company and prime it to soar to new heights, Kallista Consulting is ready to help take you there. Whether you opt for our introduction to the lean or six sigma process, or a full consultation regarding your corporate functions, we are flexible and ready to assist. For some clients, government funding for these internal improvements may be available. To learn more about that or enquire about our services, please call our offices on 1800 088 494.