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Lean Consultants in Sydney – The Competitive Edge Your Business Needs

Kallista Consulting’s Lean Consultants in Sydney are your company’s ticket to improved performance and increased customer satisfaction. Our highly experienced Lean consultants offer Lean and Six-Sigma training to help your leaders implement the framework they need to detail the flow of information or goods, identify wasteful practices, and develop new, more streamlined workflows. Our programs are as flexible as you need them to be, from as little as half a day seminars to intensive multi-day workshops. Facilitators tailor the content and context to your industry, so you get specific recommendations whether you operate a warehouse, provide a service, or manufacture goods.

Six Sigma differs from the Lean concept; both are ideas that improve efficiency. Lean serves to eliminate extra steps in the production process that don’t contribute to the end product, whether that is a manufactured item, a service, or a piece of information. A Six Sigma program focuses on reducing variation in the process as much as possible to minimize waste. Together, they are a powerhouse of techniques that will produce short-term gains and enhance long-term operation. Kallista Consulting has Lean Consultants in Sydney to help your business make practical, smart changes. We teach such practices as Kanban and “JIT.” Kanban is a technique that creates a visual representation of workflow to help pinpoint flaws. “JIT,” or “Just-In-Time,” refers to the replacing inventory only as they are needed in the production process. Both systems are integral parts of the education offered by our Lean Consultants in Sydney.

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