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Bring in the Successful Lean Consultants in Canberra with Kallista Consulting

Throughout the course of your business’s operations, you often rely upon other firms to assist in completing jobs or lend expertise to your business that you do not have yourself. Whether it is sending your designs to a manufacturing plant, relying on a third party vendor for your software, or the catering service you use, every business owner is familiar with these practices. So when it comes to improving and enhancing the way that your company functions, why not do the same thing? When you want to reshape the way your organisation approaches management and employee workflow, call the lean consultants helping to shape Canberra businesses for almost ten years now: Kallista Consulting.

Our team is highly experienced in both lean strategy lessons as well as consulting work that reshapes your approach to defining corporate culture. By cutting out unnecessary waste, visualising the flow of information and work through your company, and identifying problems, we create transformative plans. Our lean consultants will then help your business throughout the transition steps, advising and counselling on powerful methods for implementing our suggestions. With a variety of approaches to choose from, including a basic lean audit of your techniques all the way up to a full assessment of your business, Kallista Consulting is another excellent service with which to supplement your own knowledge.

Experienced and proactive lean consultants for Canberra

First, consider the auditing service our lean consultants bring to Canberra. Our team will examine the processes that concern you and assess them from a lean point of view. We will observe the process in action, interview individuals involved with the work process and analyse your current measures for productivity. Other areas of examination include workplace layout, examination of inventory practices, and the flow of work throughout the business. Upon completion of the audit, our lean consultants will generate a full report for your perusal. In this report, we will outline the audit’s findings in detail followed by suggestions for both prioritising tasks to correct the problem areas and a potential framework for implementation of lean improvements.

Kallista’s lean consultants can help your Canberra locations, too. From auditing to assisting you with the process of changing your business’s methodology, our experienced consultants will be there to provide support and guidance from day one.

Reach out today and take charge of your business processes

When you know that unnecessary waste is present in your processes and that it is slowing down the pace of your growth, but you don’t know how to fix it, frustration and stress levels go through the roof. By bringing in the lean consultants other businesses have found success with, you too can renew the direction in which your business is heading. Call today or send us an email to find out more about exactly what Kallista Consulting brings to the table when you hire our consultants. Our free number is 1800 088 494. Please visit our contact page for email and specific office information.