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Kaizen – Applying Improvement to the Workplace


One of the most powerful differentiators of high performance organisations is the ability to drive continuous improvement so that they can deliver, in full and on-time, the required quality and do so at the lowest possible cost. Kaizen (from the Japanese Kai Zen – ‘change for the better’) is the common term used to describe deliberate and ongoing improvement activity. Regular Kaizen is one of the hallmarks of lean organisations.

Our Kaizen training workshop is designed to provide participants with a simple framework that allows teams to identify and act upon improvement opportunities that deliver a measurable return to the organisation. During the workshop, we use a workplace simulation exercise, which can be selected to reflect your organisations core processes, as a basis for showing how Kaizen is applied in practice, ensuring that the learning can be translated into the real workplace.

Participants in the Kaizen – Applying Improvement to the Workplace will learn to create value stream maps of business processes, identify & prioritise improvement opportunity, create an improvement plan using the DMAIC method and A3 planning, support an improvement project and use team based creative problem solving to resolve barriers, measure project results and report on achievements and ensure improvements are locked in to prevent teams from going back to the ‘old way’. Download the brochure for a detailed

We would strongly recommend that this workshop is combined with our other workshops;

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