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Getting Agile – Applying Lean-Six Sigma to Software Development and IT Teams

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Agile software development is heavily based upon Lean-Six Sigma principles.

Since it’s inception in 2001, Agile Software Development has seen rapid adoption within the software development industry. The core concepts of Agile are strongly linked to (and very likely to have been based upon) concepts found in lean thinking, particularly moving to more regular but smaller software releases, the use of regular team meetings (Scrum) to provide communication across self managed teams and the focus on creating only value adding software.

Lean -Six Sigma concepts also support the IT industry, especially with regard to building teams that can quickly respond to customer demands and managing parts in an industry with extremely fast obsolescence.

Kallista Consulting has an extremely strong record within the software industry. A recent project transformed a software production environment from one in which large releases were scheduled on an annual basis to one where teams conduct three week sprints to incorporate a set number of features. The results for the business have been much faster development at significantly reduced costs, enabling them to incorporate more features into their roadmap and rapidly improve functionality from the client perspective. We can provide insights into your current processes, demonstrate how Agile methodologies could provide benefits, provide training in the Agile software development methods and establish the visual management boards used during production planning, sprints and scrums.

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