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Boosting Productivity in Agribusiness

Lean-six sigma methods have a lot to offer for agribusiness

Lean-six sigma methods have a lot to offer for agribusiness

The agricultural sector has many opportunities and challenges to rise to. While demand for quality food increases across the world, competing in a truly global economy means keeping costs at a minimum while ensuring quality and maintaining the ability to meet shifting demands. Global fluctuations in production and changing climate also add to the need for agribusiness to be flexible, agile and adaptable.

We have found that applying lean-six sigma methods worked extremely well in agribusiness applications. Dairy is a good example of an industry under pressure from falling global prices. Recent work conducted by Kallista Consulting’s Principal Consultant, Mr Chris Baker, for a well known Australian dairy delivered over $1M of savings at a single processing plant. Making improvements of this magnitude enable businesses to continue to operate through difficult times and ensure strong profitability when conditions improve.


Engaging us to provide assessment, training and mentoring within your agribusiness will reduce problems and improve safety, plant reliability, storage and management of raw materials and finished goods and quality of product. You can also expect an improved workplace culture by engaging and empowering employees to optimise the value for your customers.

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