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5S & Visual Workplace Management

Shadow Boards are a popular way for businesses to maintain tooling

Shadow Boards are a popular way for businesses to maintain tooling

Our 5S & Visual Workplace Management Training Workshop is designed to impart all of the required tools and learning required to commence immediate improvement in any workplace, including manufacturing sites of all sizes, office based workplaces and warehouses. Participants will learn the meaning and application of the processes associated with 5S (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain), how to objectively score an area for 5S compliance and identify improvements, how to use 5S tags and a 5S holding area, how to improve process through appropriate layout and storage of tools and raw materials, how to use colours and standard signage to improve productivity and how to work as part of a team at toolbox meetings to identify improvements and solve problems.

The workshop includes interactive exercises to further develop understanding of how and why the techniques work. We also provide implementation support as participants implement the actual process of applying the techniques in their workplace. As with all of out training workshops, the content, context and duration are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, from an introduction to the concepts through to advanced applications.

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